2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament

March Madness 2012 is here!

Let the Madness Begin!!!
web: http://visitdmaland.com/tt/ncaa2012
email: finalfour@VisitDMALand.com
Deadline: Noon ET on Thursday, March 15, 2012
       (The software will automatically lock at Noon on Thursday)

Cost this year will again be $10.
Payment can be sent to my home address:
       Dave Annal
       471 Fox Meadow Drive
       Wexford, PA 15090

If you know you are going to enter, you can send me your entry fee at any time.
You don't need to wait for the teams to be selected.

Please send email to let me know if you are paying through the mail.

READ the rules below and then enter here starting Monday March 12.

Payout will be to the top four participants as follows:
       1st place - 50%
       2nd place - 30%
       3rd place - 15%
       4th place - 5%

Total payout will be based on the number of paid entries. Last year we had ~120 entered. I will take $20 out of the pool money to pay for upgrading the software. I will also pay $10 back to the person that comes in LAST place. If you pick that poorly, you deserve to get your money back. We have done this the last few years and its a good consolation to the last place entry.

Scoring is the same as last year:
       1st round = 1pt
       2nd round = 2pts
       Sweet 16 = 4pts
       Elite 8 = 8pts
       Final 4 = 16pts
       Finals = 32pts

Tiebreakers are:
       - Picked champion
       - Total combined points in the final game
       - Most in the final four

This year the field has been expanded from 65 teams to 68 teams, with four play-in games scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. These four play-in games will not be counted in the pool. If you wish to pick the winner of Tuesday's games to win in the first round, please wait until Wednesday AM to submit your pick.

Everything is run off of the web. Making your picks is as easy as point and click. When you register, if possible, please use a personal, non-work email address.

Updates will be posted to the main page the morning after each day's games. You will not see email regarding this. Always check the web page.

When you click submit, your picks get sent to my home email address. I will enter the picks each night and also Thursday evening when I get home from work. Any questions should be sent to finalfour@visitdmaland.com. Please do not email me at my work email address.

All picks must be entered through the web interface by NOON ET on Thursday, March 15. The software will automatically lock out entries at that time. All money must be received by NOON on Thursday, March 15 or you will be removed from the pool. No exceptions. Please send email to let me know if you are paying through the mail.

Thanks and good luck!



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