2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament

Welcome to the 2012 Edition of March Madness!

And the winner is...
  • Final Standings

  • Tournament Results (updated for Final results)
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  • Tournament Scenarios
    Standings for each Final Game Scenario

    Kentucky over Ohio State

    Louisville over Ohio State

    Ohio State over Kentucky

    Kansas over Kentucky

    Kentucky over Kansas

    Louisville over Kansas

    Ohio State over Louisville

    Kansas over Louisville

  • Current Standings, Final Four Set
  • Current Standings, Two of Final Four Set

  • Tournament Results 
    On the results page, click the pencil to see who picked each team

  • Round 3, Day 2 Standings
  • Round 3, Day 1 Standings

  • Day 4 Standings
  • Day 3 Standings
  • Day 2 Standings
  • Day 1 Standings

  • Champions Summary

  • 2012 Tournament Entry Information
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  • Downloadable bracket available here
  • Updates will be posted here after each day's games
    Rules are the same as last year. Follow the link above for more information.
    Tournament selection is on Sunday, March 11.
    Enter your picks beginning Monday, March 12.
    The tournament starts on Thursday, March 15.
    All payments and entries MUST be in by NOON on Thursday, March 15.
    Payment information is in the Entry Information that is linked above.

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